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The 20th day of October, 2002
Ran a part of my first Neverwinter Nights adventure with my friends using the Hardcore rule set. Basically one of them played a first level fighter and used power attack all the time, so most of the first level monsters didn't stand a chance. So eventually my character died and since he was the only cleric, he went to the fugue plane. Meanwhile Brain's computer was overheating and rebooting every five minutes, so he lost his character's equipment each and every time.

So in short not a good start to my Neverwinter Nights DM'ing career.

The 28th day of June, 2002
Well I'm impressed, two posts within the same month and within the same year. I drew a Neverwinter graphic yesterday morning and added a new section for Neverwinter Campaigns.

The 24th day of June, 2002
The day of Neverwinter Nights has finally come. I plan to add a entire section, with my friend Brian, to this website dedicated to the Neverwinter Night campaigns and stories we develop. It has been years since I have stopped playing D&D and now hopefully it can begin again.

The 3rd day of February, 2001
I added more of the Campaigns I used to DM. Once I have them all listed and accurate, then I go back and add links for the stories and synopses I wrote. Writing all this stuff down sure brought back a lot of memories. Some good and some bad, but that's the way all games go.

The 21st day of January, 2001
Been bringing the Campaigns page up to speed and getting it ready for stories. Unfortunately the first couple of stories have never been written down and are a little over ten years old. So it will involve more research than typing. Once the research is complete I'll be writing it as a Lailth the Lore master story. Lailth is a novice bard who decided to follow the story of Rights of Passage and find out for their old friend, Simon Le'Garon, if they are ok. She has had her own adventures just following theirs.

The 27th day of August, 2000
I've linked this page to Intervue Digest again. I left this page in a state of flux between one feel and another. I'm not sure I like this background or the black background of the other pages. I don't know why I'm starting to work on these pages again, it's like D&D never left our minds. It's mentioned every once in a while, but we never did anything with it. It feels too strange to start anew, but it has never been the same without it either.

The 19th day of December, 1999
It has been a long time since I updated this page. I've never lost the desire to keep writing about the Realms or playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, but the opportunities to do so haven't been there and the opportunities I've had, I've squandered on games and other things. My own fault for all that has not happened with this page, my writing, and the adventures that I used to write.

So I'm trying to change things and there's a lot to do with these pages. A lot has changed in the past couple of years. If you find this page through a search engine or something, bookmark it and check back once in a while. I will make time to work on it and get back what I used to enjoy so much.


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