ELOCalc Lite Documentation

Version 1.0.0. Released 8/4/09.

Thank you for using ELOCalc Lite. Even though it's a small program there's a couple of things about the application that are helpful to document. They are broken out below for your reference:


Install ELOCalc LiteELOCalc Lite is a Windows Application that runs on XP or Higher versions of Windows. To install visit ELOCalc Lite's Installer page or click on the icon to the left. Requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 which is included in Windows Update.

ELOCalc Lite Form

ELO Calc Lite FormWhen you start ELOCalc Lite you'll be asked to read and accept the terms of our End User License Agreement (EULA) before you begin using it.

ELOCalc Lite consists of one form where player and ranking information for both a winner and loser of a match are entered. Suggest you get used to using the Tab key to move from field to field instead of the mouse so it can guide you the process.

All fields except Player only accept numbers for input and there's several buttons to help with your data entry. We'll cover that in the next section.

Lastly suggest you keep the same match length and experience cap consistent for your players in your club, group, or league. Top.

Entering Data

For new players its easy can click on New Player for both the Winner and Loser Columns and just hit calculate. If you're going to be recording this data then it's important to enter a name or other identifier in the name field instead of Unknown. We'll cover that more the Exporting the Results section. Top.

Calculating ELO and Undo

Once you've entered the information for both players click on the "Calculate ELO" button and the fields for both players along with the Winning Percentage will be updated. You can copy each field indivudally or use the links for winner, loser, or both at the top of the form to copy the data to clipboard.

If you make a mistake, click on the Undo button and all the data before the calculation will be restored. Top.

Time Savers

If one of the players is involved in the next match then you can do one of the following. You can swap the players position from the winner or loser side by clicking on swap players. If you need to enter a new opponent click on the new winner or new loser button. If it's a new match click on the center "Clear" button to start fresh. After you click on one of these buttons you can start data entry right away. Top.

Exporting the Results

You can copy each field indvidually by right clicking on a field or clicking on the links "Winner (Copy)", "Loser (Copy)", or "Copy Both" above the text boxes. Using these links will copy all the fields separated by tabs to the Clipboard with a time stamp. Top.


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