Limited Touch Support

Thank you for wanting to play my game on a phone or tablet. Touch controls in Project Valkyrie are under development and may lead to an unstable and unpleasant experience. I would love to hear your feedback, but playing the game on a computer will be much better. Just saying.

For touch-screen laptops, you can disable touch controls on the main menu by clicking the touch icon in the upper right corner before starting the game. Touch controls are now disabled by default.

Welcome to Project Valkyrie!

Special Announcement: 09/17/22: Chapter 6: Ascension of the Valkyrie Available!

The year is about 2150, Earth was ravaged by a Coronal Mass Ejection that destroyed most of Earth's technology and plunged the Earth into darkness for decades. Then an asteroid impacted the western United States and plunged the planet into a mini-ice age. Still, humanity endured. Once communications were re-established, the leaders of the free world dedicated resources not to war, but to rebuilding and protecting the Earth from the very real threat of extinction.

A reusable spacecraft was created and precious resources were collected to get a small crew to an abandoned space station orbiting Earth. The integrity of the station was mostly intact but the CME shielding couldn't protect the entire station. The crew spent years rebuilding the station's infrastructure and systems. It was hard work. Eventually, hydroponics started to yield crops, old technology was relearned, and research exploded. Hope fueled the people on the planet to develop more technology and gather resources once again.

Once the space station was online, other countries developed the Near-Earth Object System (NEOS) and launched them into position. The last component of the initiative, Walter Henderson designed and developed a revolutionary prototype spacecraft, the Valkyrie.

Now pilot, Jack Wilkinson, travels up to the space station to be the first to pilot the Valkyrie and demonstrate it's features to the leaders of the free world and secure funding for mass production. The extent to which the Valkyrie will be tested was far beyond what Jack or anyone else imagined.

Please review the controls in the game manual before playing. It is also highly recommended to create and login to an account before starting to save your progress.

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