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Member Community for November 14, 2001
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Double and Triple Updates Dropped
Normally when I added a new page to a section like Directions, I would make another announcement here and even on the Home page. It becomes tedious to read the same thing over and over again and especially tedious to maintain. (11/14/01)

Member Updates
My Opinion section opens with an editorial about Quake 3 Team Arena and how it's too little, too late, and still doesn't beat Unreal Tournament.

New Directions for November posted about re-educating myself and ending my search for self-perfection, which is the worst form of Writers' block. (10/29/00)

Listbot Subscription Unavailable
Until I can restructure these pages, I'm keeping the listbot subscription textbox out for a while. (8/27/00)

Free/Shareware Mailing List
Microsoft's bcentral offers a listbot, I plan to use it to announce freeware and shareware sites with more of a newsletter format once a month. Please sign up below. Thank you. (5/6/00)

Members Opened
Well only one section is even remotely done, Directions. Directions was something from the old site that talked about plans for Intervue Digest. Basically a short newsletter for those interested in what is going behind the scenes at ID. (1/22/00)

Membership Revamped
Even though it doesn't look like it, we updated this page to take advantage of the new ASP scripts. Plan to post directions here again. Once the site has been converted over.

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