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How long does it take?
I download the results of this form once a week and add them to my Site Database. Site DB then shows me a list of sites with the post date and I start writing from top to bottom.

I will list pending sites here with an estimate of when they will be reviewed.

Commercial & Non-Coms?
I break out web sites into two categories. Primarily because I don't want personal and low-budget pages from getting pushed to the bottom of the list by commercial giants.

I define a commercial site as generating revenue from advertising on its pages, having a staff of ten or more people, or the site being sponsored by a business. For example, Gamespot would be commercial site because of their advertising, staff, and being owned by a major publisher, ZD Net.

If you feel the site should be commercial or non then write it into the notes section.

Pending Submissions
Daily Free Games

Reviewed Submissions
Allen's Winappslist
Extreme Downloads
Java Kings Quest
Miniclip Games
ShareQ Downloads
Steve's Shareware and Freeware
The Download Store

Submit Instructions
Thanks for adding your favorite site here. It expands Intervue Digest's library and establish relationships with other web sites. All fields except the notes field are required, for field explanations look below the form.

I do not review sites that have or link to software cracks, illegal downloads, or objectionable content. I reserve the right to remove sites from my lists at any time without notification.

Site Information:
Home URL:

On what page the site review is going to appear. If you feel the site belongs to more than one category put it in the notes section, I'll determine that during  the review.

It doesn't have to be the main page of the site, especially if the site has multiple sections like I do.

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