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March 7, 2004

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I'm finally Back, I think.
I've been away months at a time and my site has suffered for it. Anyway I believe I needed a break and needed to go do other things for a while like my Racquetball site and other programming.

I actually wanted to come back and that's the difference from other false starts. There's a vast difference between I need to go back and I want to go back. The need to always involves an obligation, a task, work. The want to is the opposite. It's fun, exciting, and feels good to do. I believe I have those right. Anyway I added a new demo review under Gamers, three new shareware sites, and a short blurb about PAD. (3/7/04)

Happy New Year
I've pretty much let things slide a while on ID, so one of my New Year's Resolutions is to bring ID into my life again and try to balance it with my Racquetball site. Have a safe and happy 2004! (12/31/03)

Still Moving
Good news my wife and I are living in the house now instead of the apartment. Bad news we still have a lot of odds and ends in the apartment to take over. So not out of the wood yet. (11/15/03)

September 11th
I added the flag on the sidebar shortly after the events of September 11. I can't bring myself to take it off. It means too much to me now and especially today. 

ID Submit It Backlog Cleared
I had a back log of shareware site submissions that I worked through. A lot of people still submit applications through there. I'll keep them, but until that shareware review section is up and running. I can't do much with them. Ultimately I added a shareware and web game site.

I know, it's been about five months since I said I was back on ID. Seems every time I make an update to ID, I do about five upgrades to the Racquetball Website. Enjoy the last day of the long weekend. (9/1/03)

I'm Back!
Well the Racquetball Project is under control and nearing completion. I can refocus on some neglected projects like this site again. I added some new sites to the Developer section and one to Web games. Also some new reciprocal links for people.

My stats have been screwed up with the server switch, so haven't tried to assemble a Directions yet. It hasn't been a straight line forward either more like a single dot in the same spot for a while.

My student assistant at work really peaked my interest in XML. His project consists of taking data and making a web report. Well from the little that he showed me, it sparked a bunch of ideas for this website. So I definitely want XML support here! (4/12/03)

Send us your favorite running again
It only took a few minutes to fix on my side. I just needed to fix the path I was saving files to. Things should flow smoothly now. Sorry for the delay. (3/31/03)

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