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2003-04 Cook League
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Number of players who participated in leagues: 16
(Updated 7/15/04)

Final Tournament Results 7/20/04
A Division (Draw sheet as PDF)
Rank Player
1st Dave Evans
2nd Abe Pollak
3rd Dave Pollak
4th Pat Douglas
B Division (Draw sheet as PDF)
Rank Player
1st Joseph Delgado
2nd Vishal Goyal
3rd Silas Clark
4th Claudio Ortiz (DNF)
C Division (Draw sheet as PDF)
Rank Player
1st Chris Jacquet
2nd Adam Porter
3rd Don Tietjen
4th Marv Schuldiner

Final Tournament Seeding as of 6/30/04
A Division
Rank Player Wins/Loses Notes
1. Dave Evans 4/0 Final. Played Only A's.
2. Abe Pollak 12/1 Final. 3 Division Wins.
3. Dave Pollak 10/2 Final. 2 Division Wins.
4. Pat Douglas N/A Final. 3rd in A's Busch 02-03.
5. MCT-Right 4/9 Final.
6. George Weickert 0/12 Final. Forfeited most.
B Division
Rank Player Wins/Loses Notes
1. Claudio Ortiz 11/3 Final. 5 Division Wins.
2. Vishal Goyal 10/4 Final. 3 Division Wins. Def. Fugate.
3. David Fugate 10/4 Final. 3 Division Wins. Withdrew.
4. Joseph Delgado 8/6 Final. 2 Division Wins.
5. Silas Clark 6/8 Final. 1 Division Win. Def. Charette.
6. Joe Charette 6/8 Final. 1 Division Win.
C Division
Rank Player Wins/Loses Notes
1. Adam Porter 6/8 Final. 4 Division Wins.
2. Chris Jacquet 7/3 Final. 3 Division Wins
3. Don Tietjen 2/8 Final. 2 Division Wins.
4. Marv Schuldiner 1/10 Final. 1 Division Win.
5. One Lee N/A Final. 1st Tournament. History.
6. Tony Pochesci N/A Final. 1st Singles Tourney. History.
DNF Robert Angelo 2/12 Final. Did Not Finish.

07/20/04 Evans takes 1st in A's three game thriller!
I was lucky to referee the match between Abe Pollak (left) and Dave Evans for 1st place tonight. Both of them really pushed to win and it was placement, powerful serves, and incredible gets throughout. I wish, I had it on tape. At one point, Abe was up 9-2 in the tie-breaker even injured he was playing his best against Evans quickness and hard serves, but Evans walked away with the win: (13), 7, and 9. It was incredible to watch. Thanks guys! Congrats Dave!


07/13/04 Abe Pollak and Dave Evans in A Finals
The Semi-Finals in A's played out without upsets. At the top of the draw, top seed Dave Evans advanced over Pat Douglas with 7 and 2. While Abe and Dave Pollak played a very heated match, so much so I was called in to referee at 13-11 in the first game. The second played out in rally after rally both players running down the ball and going for pinches and wide angle passes every chance. Abe Pollak was able to advance in straight games 11 and 4. Tuesday at 7 PM is the finals 1st and 3rd in A's and C's. Good luck guys and enjoy the weekend. Abe Pollak has requested a referee for his match with Evans.

07/13/04 Jacquet takes 1st in C's in Straight Games! (C)
Chris Jacquet (left) takes first place in C's defeating Adam Porter 10 and 7. Adam controlled the ball very well and worked the front part of the court, but Chris was every where and able to run the ball down and keep it in play or pass Adam since after the pinch he was a little too far forward.

I wish I dedicated more time to watch the match. Congratulations to Chris and Adam, they both advance to the B Division.


07/13/04 Super Tuesday for Quarters and C Final
Nice to have just about every court playing racquetball tonight at Cook, so it was another Super Tuesday! A's started their quarter-finals tonight and both matches played without upsets. At the top of the draw, we had Pat Douglas vs. George Weickert and Douglas advanced in straight games 9 and 12. At the bottom, we had Dave Pollak vs. MCT-Right and Dave Pollak advanced 8 and 4. So on Thursday for the Semi-Finals, we have Dave Evans vs. Pat Douglas and Abe and Dave Pollak. Hopefully the rainy weather holds up and keeps the courts cool.

We also had some regular pickup games with the return of Alex Rtishchev and a new guy Rob Girt. Silas Clark (3rd place finisher in B's), Leigh Marshall, Abe Pollak helped round out our group tonight. Viva Cook and viva Racquetball!

07/04/04 Delgado takes close 1st in B's! (Copy)
The Men's B Final between Joseph Delgado (left) and Vishal Goyal was tonight and I believe it had everything. Drama, tension, and a fight to the finish with each player wanting the win. Delgado almost won in straight games, but choked at the end of the second up 14-11. In the tie-breaker it went point by point up 6-6, 6-7, then Delgado was finally able to close 11-8. "It was the hardest game I have ever played and won." Some questionable calls like one shot that grazed my shirt was replayed--the refs didn't see it, Vishal didn't see it, but he took my word and we replayed the point. For the rest of them, we had Pat Douglas and Leigh Marshall as referees. My thanks to them for keep track of the score, because I was so nervous, I had zero chance of keeping it straight in my head. It got so bad that after each point score had to be called. Final score was Delgado 4, (14), and 8. Delgado and Goyal both advance to the A Division.

07/07/04 Delgado vs. Goyal in B's Final
Clark vs. Goyal was a great match to watch and semi-referee. Goyal advanced to the Finals with 3, (6), and 0. Game two Clark inched his way up point by point and rally by rally to win, but Goyal dominated the serve in the tie-breaker and saved Clark a trip to the donut shop. Since Ortiz defaulted, Clark automatically takes 3rd place. In league play, only one point separated Goyal from Clark 3, (12), and 10.

It was another one point league match between Delgado and Vishal with Delgado taking the narrow victory (10), 7, and 10. It should be a good finals match, we'll find out tomorrow at 7:30 PM. There was some questionable calls tonight, so at least I was a third party to break up any disagreements.

07/06/04 Semi-Finals Results for B's and C's
In C's the semi-finals played out as expected with Porter advancing over Schuldiner to the finals with 5 and 5. Also Chris Jacquet doing the same over Don Tietjen 5 and 0. So the finals will be Jacquet vs. Porter for 1st and Schuldiner vs. Tietjen for 3rd.

The B Division has thinned out considerably with #1 seed Claudio Ortiz dropping out today due to an injury. We also lost David Fugate, 3rd seed, for similar reasons. Tomorrow Clark vs. Vishal will decide who goes into the finals to face #4 seed Delgado who advanced to the finals by major upset default.

07/01/04 Quarter Final Results for B's and C's
So far the draws in both B's and C's have gone without upsets, well except for the B's Clark vs. Fugate match where Fugate defaulted. To finish off the Quarters in B's, Charette vs. Delgado and Joe Delgado advances to the semi-finals with 7 and 11. At the top of the draw in C's Pochesci vs. Schuldiner and Schuldiner advanced in three games: 8, (3), and 5. Bottom of the C's we had Lee vs. Tietjen with Don Tietjen advancing with 12 and 11. Congratulations to the winners tonight, rest up semi's are on Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend.

06/29/04 League Completed. Porter takes C's 1st Seed
It was a three game battle between Chris Jacquet and Adam Porter. Adam battled his way back in the tie-breaker to take first seed. 13, (5), and 6. Joe Charette lead the charge for the management to remove a bunch of drying towels in two of the courts. It was a small thing, but a victory for everyone that played singles, doubles, and cut-throat tonight. Thanks Joe! On to the tournament!

06/27/04 Silas Clark advances to Semi-Finals by default
Received an email yesterday from David Fugate that stated he can't play racquetball for the next couple of months. He's ok. So Clark will play second seed Vishal Goyal in the semi-finals on July 6th.

06/23/04 Abe Pollak takes 2nd Seed in A's! (1 to go!)
One of the most anticipated match ups in the league and I wind up missing it playing cut-throat. Abe beat Dave Pollak 2 and 9 and takes second seed by one win. They both are in the bottom half of the draw, so we'll have to see if they meet up again. David Fugate waited around for Chris Jacquet and took a win by forfeit. He waited around despite personal reasons. So he fortifies his 3rd position in B's. David also purchased one of my old racquets, take good care of it David. Last league match is for top seed in C's between Chris Jacquet and Adam Porter.

06/23/04 Goyal finishes with a forfeit win.
Second best record in the B's with ten wins and 4 loses, Vishal waited until 7:30 for Don Tietjen to show and accepted the win the forfeit. Hope everything is ok with Don, not like him to miss a match. Three matches to go.

06/22/04 Abe and Dave Pollak match to watch!
Abe Pollak played David Fugate tonight and won in straight games 4 and 9. One more match for Abe and David, so I'm pretty excited to how it's all going to turn out. Good luck guys. After we played some cut-throat and David Fugate broke a string on his racquet, so I'm going to try to get it done for him for his early Quarter Final on Monday.

06/21/04 Down to Five Matches!
Claudio Ortiz can't make it tomorrow and told me about today, so he loses by forfeit to Chris Jacquet. Silas Clark takes a strategic forfeit against Chris Jacquet so he can rest the night before the tournament. Both players keep their tournament seeding.

06/19/04 ELO Watch, Dave Pollak sneaks up to 2nd.
With his win over David Fugate, Dave Pollak added 13.29 points to his ELO ranking knocking Claudio Ortiz to 3rd place in the rankings. This Thursday will determine if his brother Abe Pollak can fend off Dave and keep the #1 ranking going into the tournament. I've been waiting for this match up for a long time.

06/19/04 JD Power Ranking may not be all bad.
When I first designed my Power Ranking system I thought it was a good attempt and some people have even criticized it saying it doesn't appear accurate. Well working on the seeding for the tournament it's pretty close to the same. So I'm very happy that it's working as a double check.

06/17/04 Marv Schuldiner Awakens! (7 matches left.)
Surprisingly the most exciting news of the night doesn't come from the League games. It comes from a pickup doubles match between Delgado and Schuldiner vs. Lee and Pochesci. Delgado and Schuldiner won in straight games. Marv Schuldiner was hitting with good power and getting to a lot of shots. I must admit, it was a completely different Marv out there tonight. Look out C's.

Anyway in League play we had Abe Pollak close out Joe Charette's league play with a loss of 10 and 3. We also had another mixed match between David Fugate and Dave Pollak. The first game was very close and for a second I thought I had put Fugate in the wrong division, but by the second game Fugate was out of gas. 13 and 3 Dave Pollak.

06/16/04 The Return of Porter (9 matches left.)
I was worried about Adam Porter, I thought he was going to withdraw, but he played Don Tietjen and won 10 and 9. Only one more match remains for Porter and Tietjen, so the league portion is coming to a close. We also played some doubles with One Lee and we had fun. Adam is going to be hard one to place in a division. His remaining match with Chris Jacquet will decide his fate.

06/15/04 Dave Evans takes first seeding in A's
It was a battle tonight between Dave Evans and Abe Pollak. The heat was on and off the court as both played out long rally after long rally. Abe stopped and forfeited at the beginning of the tie-breaker complaining about leg pain. So Evans takes first seed (11), 6, and 0F. In mixed division play, David Fugate defeated Marv Schuldiner 3 and 3. Hey we're down to ten matches!

Also Robert Angelo withdraws from the league. He just bought a house and trying to balance all the home improvements and the league is just going to be too much. So his remaining matches have been forfeited and he'll be dropped from the Tournament seeding. Good luck with the house Rob and look forward to seeing you in future leagues and around Cook.

06/14/04 Double Forfeit for Porter
Silas Clark and Vishal Goyal take easy wins over Adam Porter tonight who did not show up for his matches. Silas Clark gave him an hour before accepting the win by forfeit. I left before Vishal arrived assuming by 7:20 Adam was not going to show. So it's a disappointing double loss for Adam late in the league. Vishal Goyal takes the #2 spot in B's. Congrats Vishal.

06/12/04 Dave Evans breaks into top five ELO Ranking!
After a near shut out of MCT-Right 0 and 1, Dave Evans climbs two positions right behind Dave Pollak to 5th. Tuesday he takes on number #1 ranked Abe Pollak, should be a good one to watch. Shame Dave Evans started the league late and has been limited to playing A's, so his rankings opportunities are limited. Still plenty of time to climb the rankings both in and out of the league.

06/10/04 Vishal Goyal on the road for B's 2nd seeding!
Joe Charette and I held an intervention for Vishal tonight and finally convinced him that his serve initiation outside of the box was illegal. It was a small adjustment and he served pretty good from the box beating Charette 1 and 7. So far he's tied with Delgado with eight wins and two matches left to be played.

06/09/04 Hot Courts Today!
The courts were pretty hot today while MCT-Right and Adam Porter played out their match. MCT-Right broke one of my golden rules. Don't play a game before a match, especially at Cook. Adam Porter walked away with a three game win (7), 9, and 4.

06/08/04 Super Tuesday or Laundry Day!
Out of all the stuff I've seen a racquetball court used for: Badminton, Wally ball, dance, and Golf drilling. Laundry line has taken the cake. Two of the courts were closed tonight which caused us some problems, but we managed to get almost all of the scheduled games out of the way.

Claudio's losing streak didn't take long to end as he defeated Joe Charette in straight games 7 and 11. David Fugate and Don Tietjen played the 400th game tonight. David Fugate winning 3 and 0. Twenty four matches left.

06/03/04 Ortiz lets go of #1 ELO Ranking!
Tonight it was only Abe Pollak vs. Claudio Ortiz. Claudio wasn't his energetic self and lost in straight games to Abe 8 and 2. Pollak controlled center court and took advantage of Ortiz being out of position on a lot of rallies. Even with tonight's loss the rest of the B's are going to be hard pressed to take Claudio's top seeding. Congrats to Abe for taking #1!

06/02/04 Good to be back at Cook!
The League resumed with a bang and we had four courts going with about nine players. In league action we had David Fugate defeat Silas Clark in straight games 11 and 8. Also Joe Charette defeated Adam Porter 7 and 9. We have about twenty seven matches left.

05/27/04 Summer Hours are OK at Cook!
Received great news yesterday in the form of a yellow pop-up and an email from Vishal. Cook closes at 9 PM instead of 7 PM. So we can proceed with the league as usual. Now if only we can beat the heat. See you on the courts starting next week and have a good three day weekend!

George Weickert is going on a cruise, so he offered to forfeit all his remaining matches. Since he told me about the forfeit in advance, played most of his A's, and paid his $10. He can be the lowest seed in the A's tournament bracket.

05/27/04 Lousy start for Busch Summer League!
Pat and I were the only ones that showed up for a match. Maybe something was lost in the translation. Anyway will start the engine rolling to get more people signed up and playing correctly. Pat and I played a weird stop and go match with Pat winning 7 and 4.

05/23/04 Summer Schedule for Cook Posted
Even with the reduced hours we're still going to continue the league and get as many matches completed as possible. Please review the schedule and get back to me with any changes by June 1st. After June 1st, forfeit rules are in effect.

05/19/04 Schedule by Player Released
Schedule improvement. A lot of people have requested, well mostly Adam, that I have a schedule by player. So I created an XML and XSL document pair to do just that. The schedule by player also has some other whistles like access to Match Summaries and Player Profiles. Should be a nice improvement and help with attendance problems.

05/11/04 The Last Day for May
The League ended for May on a pretty sad note, the first Tuesday that wasn't so super. We had Claudio, MCT-Right, and George Weickert for no matches. Despite everything we had two matches completed. David Fugate takes Joe Charette in a three game tie-breaker 7, (12), and 5. We also had Vishal Goyal take no chances with Chris Jacquet 3 and 1. I'm going to enjoy the time off from Racquetball. I've been pushing pretty hard for a while.

05/10/04 The Next to Last Day for May
It's a somber time, Cook is closing on Wednesday at 2 PM, so tonight and tomorrow are the last nights for the league until June 2nd. Even then we'll have limited hours. Anyway yesterday Dave Evans defeated Dave Pollak in a three game tie breaker (12), 1, and 4. Today Claudio Ortiz defeated Adam Porter in straight games 11 and 8.

05/08/04 Clark and Vishal take Wins
Winding down a long week of Racquetball. Clark plays another double header and takes Don Tietjen in straight games 7 and 5. Clark also played MCT-Right and also wins in straight games 12 and 3. Vishal Goyal took an opportunity to play an exhausted MCT-Right and won 10 and 6.

05/07/04 52% Complete!
It seems like we should more a long doesn't it? We've played 55 matches so far out of 105. So we've made it over the hump and are heading downhill.

05/06/04 Don't Under Estimate Chris Jacquet!
Wow I think through sheer speed and determination Chris Jacquet took on two more experienced players and won. First was Joe Charette in a three game tie breaker: (13), 12, and 4. He also blurred past Robert Angelo in straight games 14 and 7. This certainly throws a wrench in my seeding charts. I might have to throw out everything and start over. Abe Pollak also continues his winning streak defeating Silas Clark: 4 and 1.

05/06/04 Bonus Wednesday!
Thanks to Marv, Robert, Silas, and Vishal who came out last night to play four matches total. First we have the return of Robert Angelo who came back from Italy recharged and in charge against Silas Clark: 5, (11), and 9. He started out pretty strong against Vishal but Vishal took him 10 and 13. Also we had Silas Clark vs. a much tougher Marv Schuldiner 10 and 1. Vishal must have gotten word and quickly dispatched Marv with a donut and 1.

05/04/04 Presenting the League Trophies!
They arrived yesterday all six of them. They are a lot better than last year's trophies. First place (behind) are 12" and second place is 11". Should have made it a 10", but it's ok.

The figure is a little out dated with no goggles and a old fashioned racquet, but it's still racquetball and it's for us.

Each trophy has engraved "EQP Racquetball (2003-04) (A,B,C) Division Singles, 1st (2nd) Place" So good luck and play hard.


05/04/04 Love Super Tuesday!
Another eight drop of the schedule. I brought my camera this time for some profile pics. Anyway George Weickert (left) and Adam Porter wanted a picture. So what the hell. It's stuff like this that makes the league fun.

The planets aligned and I was able to defeat George Weickert in straight games 1 and 7 for my final league match. Basically he made a pre-game error, he had a full stomach before the match. Claudio Ortiz also helped George get  a second helping of a few more drive serves 2, (12), and 6. I watched the last two games and saw George make some incredible gets. Including an around the back forehand reverse pinch. Anyway I know I got lucky, but I had a game plan and executed it pretty well. Keep him deep.

Chris Jacquet's speed took out Don Tietjen in straight games 5 and 6, but it wasn't enough against seasoned Abe Pollak. Abe walked away with straight games 5 and 2. Dave Pollak had a triple header and walked away undefeated in straight games. vs. Porter 4 and 3. vs. Weickert 5 and 4. vs. Charette 4 and 1. Pretty amazing can anyone stop this guy? Abe?

04/30/04 Silas Clark Double Header
Well Silas is proving himself to belong in the B's after defeating Joe Charette in a three game match. I had the opportunity to watch his second match vs. Vishal Goyal. I also wanted to practice my scorekeeping. Well I lost track of the score a record five times. Another little tidbit that made this match fun to watch was that Clark and Goyal were the finalists in the Intermediate Intramurals last year. So Goyal takes it in three games 3, (12), and 10. Very close, but it has finally convinced me that we need some rules discussion.

Also watching them play I saw some things that need improvement or could lead to injury. I'll keep the identify secret for each offense. First, I saw what could be considered avoidable hinders where one player stayed in front with no idea his opponent was right behind him trying to take a shot. Need to clear a lane that's one. I also watched one player hit a shot and stand to the far right of the court and then run to retrieve another shot hit cross court instead of hitting a shot and taking center court. Lastly if one opponent is taking a swing and it has good chance of hitting someone don't swing and call a hinder.

04/29/04 Abe and Dave Pollak Double Trouble
Dave Pollak took on a double helping of B's tonight with Clark and Goyal beating each of them in straight games. MCT-Right takes on David Fugate and beats him in straight games, but David did the right thing and asked for tips on how to improve his game. MCT-Right played another tough game against Abe Pollak but looses in straight games. Thanks guys for playing multiple matches tonight and for the guys who didn't show up seriously consider coming in extra. I'm going to reschedule all the missed matches, give everyone a chance to review it, and then we'll start making victory by forfeit possible.

04/28/04 Delgado and Tietjen take straight Wins
It wasn't a lot of players tonight and One Lee stopped by for some cut-throat and some pickup games. But onto the league games, Don Tietjen takes his first league win over Marv Schuldiner in straight games 4 and 7. Neither Don or Marv wanted to play newcomer Silas Clark, so I took up the challenge. Still sore over my battle with Joe Charette last night, I was able to pull straight games over Clark 11 and 9. Silas said he wants B's, well he's going to have to earn that spot like everyone else.

04/28/04 Super Tuesday Continues!
Thirty two matches down, seventy three to go. We added eight completed last night. One of them last night, a three game match between Joe Charette and Joe Delgado. Charette pulls out (3), 6, and 6 for the win. The mighty Claudio Ortiz (B) takes out MCT-Right in straight games 5 and 1 and takes his first loss against A Player Dave Pollak 7 and 13. Who knows it might have been different if Claudio hadn't played a match before. He might earn that A spot after all.

Also David Fugate defeated Adam Porter in another three game match 5, (4) and 4. Lastly we had Chris Jacquet reaffirm he's still in the league by paying his $10 and handing Marv Schuldiner a donut: 7 and 0. Adam Porter also defeated Schuldiner in straight games: 3 and 4.

Alex Rtishchev withdrew from the league, but another player waiting to play took his spot, Silas Clark. So we're not even half way through yet and that's a good thing.

04/25/04 Schedule Improvement.
Modified the schedule code to show unscheduled matches instead of those with just dates in the future. I believe it'll keep us mindful of matches that need to be rescheduled.

04/22/04 Samir Nagpal Drops Out.
After all the hype, it's official Samir Nagpal dropped out of the League before any matches were played. His wife is a couple of months pregnant, so he'll need to be home with her more often. He also needs to work late hours sometimes, etc., etc., .etc. Anyway he said he might play the Busch league, but by then it'll be the last two months of his wife's pregnancy. So I doubt it.

04/20/04 Day Seven, Seven Matches!
Still holding at seven matches on Super Tuesday. Three of those matches belonged to Delgado, who walked away with two wins against MCT-Right and Marv Schuldiner and one loss against Dave Pollak. His brother Abe Pollak took Robert Angelo in straight games. While Dave Pollak took MCT-Right in straight games.  We had a couple of no shows tonight, good thing too we were full.

04/15/04 Day Six, Ortiz and Pollak continue Win streak
After a rocky start against David Fugate, Claudio was able to come back and finish the match: (13), 6, and 1 and remain undefeated. Claudio also took on Don Tietjen from the C's and gave him a donut and 5. Next we had Joe Delgado vs. Robert Asaro-Angelo, Delgado able to pull straight games 9 and 8. Also undefeated in the A's is Abe Pollak who won over Adam Porter in straight game: 2 and 7. Will the winning streaks continue? Only time will tell, still plenty of league left.

04/14/04 Day Five, Class is in Session
It's was only Don Tietjen and myself on Wednesday night and after our match we spent about half an hour doing some drills and grip changes. Don was hitting kills from about 35' feet deep. I think if he drills some and remembers to follow through with the ball his elbow pain will be reduced and his shot power will greatly increase.

It's also official, we have two new players from Busch. Last year's second place finisher in A/B Division Samir Nagpal who remained undefeated in League play and the Unorthodox "get to anything" style of George Weickert who withdrew last year because of playing too much paddleball and racquetball. So looks like the A group has some more serious competition.

04/13/04 Day Four, Great Night For Racquetball!
We had seven matches going on last night. Claudio Ortiz continues his league dominance with two straight game wins over Alex Rtischev (5 and 3) and Marv Schuldiner (1-1). Vishal Goyal takes David Fugate in straight games (9 and 10). Chris Jacquet takes out Joe Delgado in close three game match (12, (9), and 9). Abe Pollak later takes out a much calmer Delgado in straight games (8 and 9).

04/10/04 League FAQ Added
Been getting some of the same questions, so the League FAQ will be a home to those same answers. It also describes my goals both internal and external for the League. So please refer to the website before your match so there's no surprises. 

04/09/04 Day Three, Delgado Double Header!
In the interest of the league, Joe Delgado took on two opponents tonight. Two very close games. One with David Fugate that went to a tie breaker after splitting games. "It was a tough match, David can really get to the ball." Fugate wins 11, (11), and 3. The second match was against Adam Porter, also very close with one point separating a tie breaker or match point. Delgado barely holds it to straight games with a win: 13 and 14.

04/07/04 Day Two, Intramural Fantasy Match
Tonight it was this years RU Intramural Singles Champion Vishal Goyal vs. Joe Delgado and it was the most heated match I've ever played. We both wanted the win and we both played very hard. There was a lot of questionable calls and a lot of given away and replayed points but Delgado walked away with the win: (10), 7, and 10. Lot of incomplete matches and the list is only going to get longer.

04/06/04 Day One, Ortiz takes two wins tonight.
It was a rocky start with two no shows, but we managed to play three matches. Mike (MCT-Right) defeated Joe Charette. Claudio Ortiz defeated Joe Delgado in straight games, but every point was a battle. Ortiz goes for a second match and defeats Robert Angelo.

04/03/04 Time to Fire up the Database Again!
It's a good time of year for me, I review a lot of forms, setup containers in my database, glance over people's schedules, go over people's strengths and weaknesses and develop a league.

I'm also excited that we're having our first Cook League. Cook will always be my home for Racquetball. It's where I started playing and grown to know the most people. So hosting a league for you guys is pretty awesome. Hopefully we're done with the league before it gets too hot.

04/03/04 League Setup
Some divisions have only a few players namely A's. So everyone is going to play everyone in the league. I think it gives people a chance to play and meet different people. When it comes down to the Tournament section then we'll break up into respective groups and play for the trophies.

After the Tournament we'll celebrate at On the Border have a few drinks, eat some food. The idea is to have a good time playing racquetball.

Basically people are paying me $10 to part of the league and help offset costs for Trophies and all my hard work, so the least I can do is give you an equal chance to get the prize. Not skimping on trophies like last year, there going to be first rate trophies like those I've seen given away at Tournaments.

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