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PayPal Now Accepted for Donations (9/4/07)
Thank you for downloading my tournament forms, if you wish to donate to help develop these resources and support this site. Please click the PayPal Donate button to help with a $5.00 contribution.

Welcome to Downloads (5/20/07)
Wanted to revise this page and others underneath it for my new PHP layout and get rid of some of the old content. It's amazing how much crap just accumulates on a site.

Tournament Forms (8/14/07)
Added a new scorecard from Gearbox Racquetball. It was developed by Jason Wright.

Tournament Forms (5/20/07)
I added a new drawseheet I developed in Excel. It automatically seeds the first round based on sixteen players and has drop down lists for subsequent rounds. Before I typed in cell references which was a bit slow and prone to errors. I also reduced the size of my logo, so it can be used by other people easier.

Excel Drawsheet of 16

Seeded Drawsheet of 16 (Excel 2003 format, right-click link to Save As)
Used Excel's drop down lists to ease data entry and formatted the round of sixteen according to a standard draw. So tournament directors can just type the sixteen players into the list on the left and have the first and subsequent rounds prepared from the drop downs. Even though it's protected, there's still plenty of space to add sponsors, tournament details, or other information. I hope you find it useful and would love to hear your feedback. Posted 5/20/07.

Referee Score sheet (2 sheets per page)
When I played my first tournament, I used a similar score sheet and was pretty impressed with it's functionality. Basically a referee would turn the score sheet around for the person serving and record the player's score just by ticking off a number, so you know who was serving at all times and didn't need to remember the score. Can also track timeouts, appeals, and the results of five games on one form.

Draw Sheet of 16 (Standard Single Elimination)
Uses Adobe Acrobat form fields for title, subtitle, and all the players names for each match. So the idea is to start out with the first round already typed in. Then you can update the rest after the tournament and save the form data or create a fixed PDF file or image.

Referee Scoresheet (Courtesy of Gearbox Racquetball)
Jason Wright contacted me through Meet and Play to see if I can post a scorecard he developed for Gearbox Racquetball.

Picture Galleries
I think it is really important to capture our time playing racquetball, so years from now we can look back and think about our friends and our time together. Anyway this section started in 2003 with Rich's Racquetball Ladder Tournament.

Rich's 2002-03 Racquetball Ladder Gallery
Nine pictures posted on 5/7/03. These have been resized so originals can be requested from me directly.

Joe's 2002-03 Summer League A/B Division Gallery
Basically only two pictures posted on 7/15/03. This league picture with League Champ, James Fay, holding the trophy. Also we went to On the Border to celebrate.

2003-04 Travel League Stop at Rutgers Sonny Werblin
For me, it was the best night of Racquetball at Rutgers since I started playing a couple of years ago. Anyway it's a small collection of pictures

2004-05 Hillsborough Pirates Plunder Tournament
I offered to put some pictures up for Gloria from the Pirates Plunder Tournament at Hillsborough. Photo Credit goes to Joe Camiolo. It was a great round robin tournament.

2004-05 Hillsborough Medieval Mayhem Tournament
Some pictures from Medieval Mayhem at Hillsborough. Photo Credit goes to Joe Camiolo. Even though I played only Open Doubles it was still a lot of fun. My partner at the time, John Patric, may disagree.

2004-05 Hillsborough Reindeer Games Tournament
Some pictures from Reindeer Games at Hillsborough. Photo Credit again goes to Joe Camiolo. The first tournament I took my son to using a babysitter of course. I played well and it was a challenge to keep my mind on my game and not on my son upstairs.

2005-06 Hillsborough Terminator Tournament
Some pictures from Reindeer Games at Hillsborough. Photo Credit again goes to Joe Camiolo. Well this one is his too, but I altered it. I missed this tournament, so I'm just posting it for the gang at Hillsborough.

2006-07 Hillsborough Pirates Plunder II Tournament
Some pictures from Pirates Plunder II at Hillsborough. Photo Credit again goes to Joe Camiolo.
2006-07 Hillsborough Racquet Wars Tournament
Some pictures from Racquet Wars at Hillsborough. Photo Credit again goes to Joe Camiolo.

Tournament Journals
Basically an account of each major tournament I've attended. Sometimes I discover something about myself others just belly aching over a loss. I try to capture the feel of the tournament both in words and with pictures.

2002-2003 State Singles at Classic in Fairfield NJ
My first tournament, my God was I nervous and it showed on everything I did. I played C and D and was eliminated from both in the first round. Did not take that many pictures and many of those were not great.

2003-2004 Halloween Havoc at Classic in Fairfield NJ
A better tournament where my wife and first-timer Leigh Marshall came along. Nerves were more under control and even some anger showed through instead of plain fear. It was a dreaded round robin tournament so got some exposure to different players but 5th in points.

2003-2004 Rutgers Cook/Douglas Inter. Doubles
Our first win as a partnership, Tony and I won after a grueling tie breaker. The game plan format was introduced and after every match we revised it for the playoffs. I also write about my singles experience and how I had to lose to win. Not a bad read.

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