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Welcome to the Site FAQ
Basically you're here to find out more information about this website, the players, and where and why we play.

Q: What the heck is all this Joe?
A: I love racquetball and it all started as a small thing tracking matches between people. Basically I want to turn the database that runs this into a shareware application and make some money off it.

Q: How many players are part of the league?
A: I have info on about 27 people. Some overlap with Rich's Ladder players, he has about 37 email addresses. It varies greatly, but Rich's Ladder has a consistently larger turn out. At Cook the turn out is much smaller, much much smaller.

Both Rich and I are after the same goal, promote and improve racquetball at Rutgers and in New Jersey. We've also united to get rid of those golf practice courts at Busch! :-)

Q: Can I still play even though I don't want my scores here.
A: Sure. We have a couple of people who would rather remain anonymous.

Q: I see you play at Rutgers, do I have to affiliated with Rutgers to play?
A: No. You can play as a guest and at Cook it will cost you $6.00, but you need to have a sponsor. We can make arrangements.

Q: Ok I want to play, but I can't be there all the time. Is that ok?
A: Play as often as you want according to the schedule or other times you setup with other players. The only time you may be required to play is during a playoff or tournament, but we'll try to make something work for you.

Q: I just started to play and I suck. I'm intimidated to play on your site.
A: Don't be. We're growing a list of people who just started to play. The best thing about this league, you can play people at your skill level and above. The idea is to have fun and it's no fun getting beat 15-0. I try to avoid match ups like that, except when you need to grow as a player.

Also don't feel bad. I have the most loses period and I'm not a very good player either.

Q: I'm a woman do any women play? I don't want to play a bunch of guys.
A: I know a few women players and I'm trying to grow that number. My wife, Karen, is starting to learn the game. So sure would like to grow a Women's Racquetball League and use the LPRA rules and everything. You're also welcome to join the Men's division.

Q: Is it just Racquetball?
A: Yeah we play a lot of racquetball, but I believe we're also forming friendships. So going to try to get some social things going. Like going out for drinks, dinner, or a BBQ is also important.

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