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Art: Dumb/Dumber
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Dumb and Dumber Moves in Racquetball
By Joseph Delgado Team Head Racquetball on 7/30/08.

Some players do some pretty dumb things. We can all be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but some people do these things to gain an illegal advantage which is dumb. Still more people allow it which is dumber.

It’s hard to notice during an actual rally since we’re mostly focused on the ball, but outside the court it’s a different perspective. It’s good to watch people who give you trouble, since if you see them doing something to their opponent…odds are they are doing to you.

Dumb: Standing in front of your opponent while he takes a shot.
Dumber: Taking a ceiling shot to avoid hitting the defender.

The Dumb. Risk getting hit with the ball. Risk getting a penalty hinder. Risk getting both. Some Open level players know when to jump to avoid getting hit, but most recreational players just stand there looking forward. Some don’t know any better, but some are refusing to give up an advantage and play by the rules. You need to give your opponent a cross court and down the line shot even if it puts you out of position.

The Dumber. Well if you change your shot (ceiling return) without holding up you’ve probably taken a good offensive opportunity and converted it to a setup for your opponent. The defender is holding all the cards. He’s in center court, has uncontested control of the front half of the court, and your behind him. So he’s in the best place to put even more pressure on you.

Dumb: Standing too close to an attacker while he’s swinging.
Dumber: Taking a shot that’s unsafe or abnormal because someone is too close.

Why is it dumb? Get a nice whack with a racquet. Fran Davis always drills at her camps being a swing and a step away. The attacker can hold his swing and say he was going to hit the defender. Which can also be a replay or penalty hinder. An Attacker is allowed a free unimpeded swing.

Why is it dumber? Even if I take the swing there’s always hesitation in the back of my mind or a change in my mechanics. So there’s often no reason to take a shot that’s ambiguous and can either cost you a point or injure someone. Sometimes we take them to exploit a great opportunity like a defender pinned against a wall, but normally if your focus is divided why make the move? First and foremost you want to be safe and next you want to be consistent.

Dumb: Serving to your partner’s side in Doubles.
Dumber: Allowing your partner to serve to your side in Doubles.

The Dumb. This has been a pet peeve of mine for years. You’re a target twice during a rally. Once during your partner’s serve and the other by your opponents’ return. You’re focused on survival instead of court position. Your opponent can hold up, hit you, or pass you. Often your partner is too close to your side and that opens the whole other side of the court and traps you up front and on the wall. All bad cards for a very limited opportunity.

The Dumber. If it’s your partner and you let this happen and are uncomfortable with it then it’s really dumb. Either talk to your partner, switch sides, or get a new partner.

On defense, better to hold up remember you have two attackers up front in good position, so if an offense opportunity is being blocked then might as well call the block and replay the point. Most people consider serving to your partner’s side really dumb, so it’s often an easy sell to the referee.

Let me know your “dumb and dumber” things in racquetball, I sure would like to hear them. Thanks for reading.

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