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Art: Why Head Racquets?
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Why do I play with Head Racquets?
By Joseph Delgado, Team Head

I remember starting racquetball at Rutgers and getting tired of the "Rutgers Specials" rentals. So I bought a Head Ti 220 and played with that for a while. Then I made my worst mistake, I bought a racquet that was too light for me, a Head Intelligence i165. I suffered for a long time.

Eventually I switched to an i185 and loved it. I played with it until a cracked it against my doubles partner's racquet during a Rutgers Intramural game. I had a Head Megablast 185 as a reserve and when Alex, one of my opponents, said I was hitting much harder with it. I kind of forgot about the i185.

Bill Serafin offered me a sponsorship and I kind of repeated my i165 mistake with a Liquidmetal IGS 175 and a big grip. As a stringer I had a tough time with the IGS because of the machine I had. I did a demo real late in the season and rediscovered my ideal weight (185-190) and got used to a smaller grip. For the first time, I was seeing back to back to back triple digits. Suddenly my serve and passes were putting a lot of pressure of my opponents. I liked it!

Next season, I used the Head Metallix 190 and I loved everything about it, even the IGS crosses at higher tensions. As a stringer, I see a lot of racquets and here are my top three reasons for using Head:

Head Microgel 190 Advantages
No Shared Holes Power Channels No Overlapping Strings
No Shared Holes. I believe it reduces the strain on grommet holes and the frame.

Power Channels. Easily extends the length of the main strings and aids in vibration control. No String Overlap. Strings are pulled and installed clean reducing friction burn during stringing.

Head keeps what works year to year to make a great product better. The 2007-08 racquet, the Head Microgel, has the Intelligence material from the Intelligence line four seasons ago, the Power Channels first used on the Megablast racquet from three seasons ago. The liquid metal strengthened areas and IGS holes from two seasons ago. Now Microgel is injected into the frame to increase power and stiffness.

I'm very happy to be part of Team Head and to use and promote Head products because I see the difference it has made for me from year to year. Please let me know if you have any questions. Watch out for my Head demos at Rutgers or just ask me to take a few swings with my racquet (non-tournament time only), so you can experience the difference for yourself.

Thanks and hope to see you on the courts,
Joe Delgado, Team Head.

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