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Welcome to League and Tournament Registration
Fill out this form and we'll get you started playing our leagues and tournaments at Rutgers. The league is broken up into two parts: playoffs and tournament.

During the playoffs you play everyone in your division and one level higher. Then once seeding for your division has been established the players are bracketed into a single elimination draw for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies.

League and Tournament setup is $10 (paid to me) plus any applicable $5/$10 guest fees paid to the facility. Parking on Cook Campus is usually ok for guests in certain lots, but you park on Campus at your own risk.

Step 1. What's your Contact Information?
(All fields denoted with an * are required.)
Your Full Name*: (First Last Name)
Email address*:
Cell/Home/Work Phone:
Club Skill Level*:
Rutgers Faculty/Staff/Student?

If No, you can play for an additional $6 per visit. You'll need a Rutgers Faculty, Staff, or Student with you and a picture ID. We can make arrangements.

Step 2. What Days and Times are you Available?
(My best nights are in bold.)
Monday  to 
Tuesday  to 
Wednesday  to 
Thursday  to 
Friday  to 
Saturday  to 
Sunday  to 
If there are any dates in the near future you absolutely cannot play. Please enter them below in MM/DD format separated by commas. (255 chars.)
If you want to play more than one match (2 out of three games) in one night answer "Yes" below. Normally I try to schedule one match per night, but if you have a limited schedule or wish to cut down on guest fees I'll do my best to work with you.
Play multiple opponents in one night*?

Please report any problems with this form to Joe Delgado.

Your Responsibilities as a Participant:
Our primary objective is to have fun. So here's an outline of what's expected of you and of other players in the league.

  1. Fair play. Know the rules and do not cheat your opponent. Cheaters will be ejected from the league and tournament without a refund.
  2. Wear protective eye wear. If you play without goggles the staff at Cook will stop play and remind you to wear them. Play without them you play at your own risk. If they interrupt during a rally the player not wearing goggles is charged with an avoidable hinder (a loss of serve or a point for your opponent).
  3. Check your email daily. Email is our primary form of communication. It is were a majority of our court reservation plans are formed.
  4. Check this web site. Schedule changes occur often so the same schedule you printed a week ago may not be valid. I do send email about those changes, but staying informed is your best protection.
  5. You will be expected to reserve courts for some matches. Until my league gets more acceptance, we're forced to work within the system. It is a simple phone call and an email to me.
  6. Have fun. It's a great chance to meet new players.

My Responsibilities to you:
I enjoy running leagues even though it's a lot of work. I enjoy it a lot more when everything goes smoothly. So my obligations to you:

  1. Be present to help guests get into the club, schedule permitting.
  2. Help resolve your schedule problems with other players.
  3. Help resolve conflicts with other players and other league problems like sand-bagging.
  4. Post Scores as soon as possible. If I'm present at your match, I will take the score card back and post as soon as I get home or the following morning.
  5. Be or provide a referee for your matches. Most tournament matches are refereed, since the competition gets a lot more serious. Expect some bad calls, it's all part of the game.
  6. Notify you by email about schedule changes or court reservation needs.
  7. Once the Tournament starts, I will have round by round newsletters printed out.

What's Next?
Once I download your information, I'll add your basic profile to my database, add you to our listserv, and get an email out to you with additional information about the league. Watch the main page it'll have links to schedules, the playoff matrix, and other tools for you to use.

Thank you for your interest in my league. I hope you enjoy the competition, meet some new players, and help me grow racquetball!

Take care,
Joe Delgado (Updated 9/8/10)

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Last Updated 9/8/10. Please email Webmaster about site problems or questions.
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