Release History

There's some spoilers below. If you are new to the game, maybe you should play it first. -- 2024-01-28 Sunday (Bug Hunt)

SG878Maybe for Chapter 7, Carl and/or Ethan make an appearance. Since Sarah is busy trying to save Jack.
SG888As a developer, I would like to design and story time the space seed, so I can coding/drawing next sprint.
SG907As a space seed, would like a group of objects (with different sprites and hp) that move as one object.
SG908As a space seed, I would like the Valkyrie's shots to do damage to individual objects and have them disappear from the group.
SG909As a space seed, I would like a shield (also made up of objects) that rotates around the space seed and helps protect it.
SG913As a sprite designer, I need to create the tileset for the space seed and how it looks.
SG914As a shield group, try a container for rotation and position over the seed ship.
SG915Convert Space Seed to Container Object.
SG917Explosion sprite sheets and animations
SG920As a Bullet.js->shieldCollision() remove *9 from the loseHealth function for production.
SG922Add other dialogs. Including "First we crack the shell..." "Then we crack the nuts inside." Why not. Transformers Movie Homage
SG923Updating character portraits from NightCafe
SG925Story time to regroup.
SG929As a game, I would like to reduce cool down for launching drones.
SG931Need Carl to say the dead dialog during chapter 7!
SG932Space seed should definitely appear on NEOS
SG940As a player, when I click on continue on chapter 4, setNEOSPointer returns an error setting JSON.
SG941As a developer, play through the game and see if anything is broken.
SG944As a kazi, when I collide with a drone, I don't drop any tech! So the player cannot complete chap 4.
SG945As a kazi, when I collide with the station, I don't drop any tech! So the player cannot complete chap 4.
SG946SG944: As a kazi, when I collide with a mine, I don't drop any tech! So the player cannot complete chap 4. -- 2022-11-12 Saturday (Bug Hunt)

SG781As an upgrade UI, I prevent the player from re-upgrading a tile that is already being upgraded after loading the game. To prevent the player from wasting resource or confusing the game.
SG840As a space station, when I'm destroyed and then the Valkyrie is destroyed, there should be no end dialog.
SG868As a server, I should not display "loading" when I have no saved games on my dashboard.
SG882As a blackboard, am I being saved/loaded properly? Seems on restart the hexFighter doesn't play the 1st contact dialog.
SG883As the second hex fighter, I may get stuck with "no target" after completing my waypoints around earth.
SG889Saving the game after the last level before thank you for playing.
SG890Duplicated Earth Nav pointers upon restart.
SG891Unexpected ref when loading thank you.php
SG892As a kazi, when I collide with the space station. I do not drop tech and ruin the end conditions for chapter 4.
SG893As an upgrade, the drone launcher is visible and upgradable.
SG894As a continue button on the site, what game I am loading? Doesn't appear to be the latest one.
SG895As a dialog, when the NEOS is repaired after the pulse, do not show a wave 1 dialog.
SG896(Critical) As a restart process, I fail on jsonItem after the first level.
SG897As a dialog, "Good job pilot on the Asteroids, but we need..." should be displayed on wave 1 not 6.
SG898As a DB, I needed to add chapter 7 to the chapter table.
SG902As a NEOS Pulse, I should not start at the beginning of chapter 4. -- 2022-09-17 Saturday (Chapter 6 -- Ascension of the Valkyrie Released!)

SG843Chapter 6 intro/outro/random dialogs
SG852As a hexFighter, if I get hit by an EMP and then destroyed. setDrag() causes an error even though I'm checking if the object is defined.
SG856As chapter 6, I need asteroids and aliens to complete the level.
SG863 Think after the fighter completes it's waypoints it switch to search2 and attacks the station instead of despawning.
SG864As a drone, when I launch I should be going in the same direction and speed that the Valkyrie is already going at.
SG867Sub Intro Dialog for Chapter 6.
SG870As a mini-diag, don't announce upgrades that are already applied.
SG871As a fuel supply pod, I should give more fuel to the Valkyrie.
SG872As a hexfighter, I run out of waypoints when asteroids are introduced to the level.
SG873When the Valkyrie is damaged, Jack should not say a dialog about deploying mines at this speed. It wasn't intentional.
SG874As an ODDs, something is causing more drones than necessary to be launched at Asteroids.
SG877Celebration dialog after aliens have been destroyed.
SG879Ammo supply drone/pod needs to be reduced.
SG880Fuel supply drone/pod needs to be increased.
SG881As a hexfighter, I play the wrong sound effect when I hit an EMP mine.
SG885As an asteroid group, I need to be a little faster or target Earth so the end level conditions don't fire.
SG886As an ODDs, some drones are launched but don't move to any asteroids and just wait to be picked up. -- 2022-07-30 Saturday (Bug Hunt, Behavior Tree and Chapter Improvements)

SG206As an Alien Fighter, the first time I encounter the Valkyrie I assume my energy weapons are enough to destroy it. After I hit it, I attack the station. Then RTB.
SG682As the Valkyrie, I should not be immune to the scouts attacks. Just resistant. After like one hit, the Valkyrie will be destroyed. Maybe warn the player systems are messed up. Maybe another upgrade? EMP Resistance.
SG685As a Scout ship, I need to be nerfed in both rate of fire, energy ball speed, and maybe even flight speed.
SG686As a space station, I need to take damage from the Scout's energy attacks.
SG707As the scouts in chapter 6, the need to orbit the NEOS array in opposite directions between the yellow and green layers. They are trying to call the Valkyrie out.
SG805As main loop, the select tile is being called when the upgrade UI is not visible.
SG820When restarting the game, the upgrades were not reset to the last in memory or saved game or continue to be upgraded.
SG831As chapter 4, I may need to get rid of some of the larger asteroids that interfere with Chapter 5 and the tease of the Alien craft.
SG842As the scouts, I need to have two way points to follow that dance around the edge (green to yellow) edges of the NEOS array
SG851As a Behavior Tree, once I complete a waypoint, I need to run set of waypoints.
SG853As a Alien Fighter, if I get disabled by an EMP and then destroyed I cause a callback error.
SG855Chapter 5 problem loading game. Syntax error in setLvlRespawn().
SG857As save game process, the asteroids names are not being saved. Fixing it would make it easier to debug later levels.
SG859As a NEOS pulse, there's a 30% chance that the outer rim NEOS satellites will be offline.
SG862As game_data, I need to set the damaged NEOS from 20 to 30 and adjust code to damage array during wave zero.
SG866As an upgrade description change the ODDs description to reflect Sarah's idea and innovation in Chapter 4. -- 2022-05-31 Tuesday (Save Game Improvements and Bug Hunt)

SG732Deployed drones are not restored on restart.
SG786As a save game, I would like to reduce my file size by not saving the entire dialog and upgrade objects.
SG791As a asteroid dialog, if Jack completed the demonstration then it should be a different dialog than cancelling the demonstration.
SG797As a drone, if there is large asteroids near me then the drone gets a smaller one out of range.
SG800As a chapter, I should tell the game how much time passes in between chapters for upgrades and other things.
SG801As an upgrade, certain upgrades should cost more resources so the player doesn't get all the upgrades in the early parts of the game.
SG803As a drone, I no longer target the NEOS for repair.
SG809As debris, do I get recreated on restart?
SG810As a save process, only save the asteroids at the end of a level. Not those at the beginning.
SG811Supply pods are not reloaded after restart.
SG812As a server, check to see if drones and pods are saved properly to the database.
SG814Need to check random dialogs work with new JSON.
SG816As a player, when restarting the game (saveid=57) the ship can't collect ores, is not refueled and lost all collected cargo.
SG817As server load game, the upgrade and dialog appear and then disappear when the chapter starts.
SG818In chapter 5, plot flags are not being saved/load so kazi's do not drop tech.
SG821In chapter 4, ODDs cannot be upgraded. -- 2022-04-24 Sunday (Bug Hunt)

SG740Need a basic EULA form and text.
SG747As a web developer, I need a PV frame work to help display HTML forms, session and sess variables, cookies, etc.
SG757As a website visitor I would like the menu buttons to brighten like in the game and be sized the same.
SG766As JS code, I am not calling loadGame.php correctly and hanging up the game. Also getSaveGameOwnerID() is not defined.
SG774After changing the #main div have a function that resizes the div to size of the menu div to keep things even.
SG782As a game, I need to display an error message when a database error occurs or when a user tries to load something he doesn't own.
SG787As a registered user, if I don't have any saved games then it doesn't display "Start Game" properly.
SG788As a web dev, update the account help page.
SG789As a drone, I should only target asteroids in my range and not the next smaller asteroid anywhere in the game.
SG790As a login, when the user needs to be sent another verify link, reverify.php was missing.
SG792As a main menu, if the continue button is not visible it crashes the game when using a gamepad.
SG793As a main menu, there is a problem clicking on credits related to game.js.
SG795As a mining drone, I do not attach to an asteroid if the first one in the list is too big.
SG796As a player, when I click on continue the game does not restart properly. -- 2022-03-27 Monday (User Accounts, Loading and Saving Games)

SG209As a game, have a login, save, and load option. Might involve some server side PHP code and MySQL. Maybe a cookie or something to keep login info.
SG742As a developer, need a form to display saved games and let the user select a game that belongs to him to load.
SG760As a server, I need to send the user an email to verify his account.
SG767As a login, I need to be protected by a recaptcha
SG768As an emailed user, I need to click on the link to launch verify.php and confirm my account.
SG769check new production server and fix any problems for the site and PV.
SG770Add footer to bottom of php pages.
SG771As a registered user, I would like to recover my username or password using a form instead of contacting support.
SG772As a registered user, I would to change my password. Both as logged in user and as a password reset.
SG777Recap reset when form has errors. Otherwise going to very bad for users.
SG778Create user.php JS not validating password.
SG780As a player, I want to save the game to the DB after each level.
SG783As a production DB, I want to see how development's DB works.
SG784Fix table references for production.
SG785As a website, I need to send confirmation and password reset emails to users for them to use the site. -- 2021-12-31 Friday (Bug Fixes)

SG729As a uiUpgrade, I don't stay open when clicking the gamepad button.
SG719As a player, have a way to quit and restart the game incase the Valkyrie runs out of fuel away from the station.
SG727As a dialog, I should be cleared when the chapter intro is being displayed.
SG632As an end level dialog, when the end conditions and Valkyrie dock at the station at the same time, the level finishes before the end dialog.
SG711As a supply pod/drone, I need to give the Valkyrie more fuel.
SG713(Sus) As a restart, I should maintain my Valkyrie upgrades. -- 2021-12-19 Sunday (Chapter 5!)

SG572As NEOS, Alien scouts should show up on the NEOS.
SG634(Critical) rexPlugin caused exception toward the end of level 4.
SG641As mini-diag, I should disappear when the wave summary is being displayed.
SG675As a level designer, I need another level for the three year anniversary. (Chapter 5)
SG687As a Station, I need a dialog when I'm getting attacked first by scouts.
SG690When the Valkyrie is disabled, drones are not being updated and miss the NEOS during repair and possibly mining asteroids.
SG691maybe add a tint to one of the scouts to identify which one we are debugging.
SG692As a bullet, the damage should reflect the upgrades to the sabot when hitting scouts and asteroids.
SG693As a scout, when I am disabled by a mine and then destroyed. My restart even should check to see if I still exist.
SG695As a waypoint, I need to trigger a behavior tree function/sequence. So I can destroy an object, run a dialog, display a mini-dialog, etc.
SG697As a game level, I need to define conditions for chapter 5.
SG698As Chapter 5, need an introduction dialog.
SG700As a dialog, I need something to display when the scout moves between one NEOS zone and then a previous one.
SG701When loading waypoints and there is more than one. Choose a random one. NICE!
SG702As dialog, I need a closing dialog for Chapter 5.
SG704As a level, I need to delay a certain group of asteroids from spawning right away.
SG705As a wave summary, I should display properly for chap 5.
SG706Need to rewrite and add chapter 6 to the Intro JSON to complete Chapter 5's loop.
SG710As a ship, when I recover from an emp mine. I should not trigger a dialog meant for recovering from energy weapons.
SG714(Critical Bug) as a space station, when it is destroyed the game should end. -- 2021-10-24 Sunday (Bug Hunt and Behavior Tree Improvements)

SG656Add to BT. On Failure: exit, next or function or On Success: exit, next or function
SG654As a BT, add a monitor node.
SG653As a BT, add sequences from the documentation under 6.3.7. Each function executes until one fails.
SG659As a BT, I would like to add selectors (from docs 6.3.9) runs one side of the tree and if it fails tries the other side.
SG669As a BT, resolve an infinite loop that locks up the game.
SG661As a developer, I would like to clean up the BT class and look for any optimizations I can make.
SG565As a drone, when I return to the Valkyrie. I do not update the UI control and the player runs out of drones.
SG579As an Alien Scout, I would like to control my flight a little better. So I can be a bigger threat to the Valkyrie.
SG650Expand BT to support parallels (docs 6.3.10) runs multiple calls at the "same time". Can have all succeed or some fail, etc.
SG658Learn about Unreal Decorators for BT.
SG664Need a WP class that can add, drop, and return WPs for the scouts and others to follow.
SG663Story time for Scouts and AI goals. -- 2021-10-03 Sunday (Bug Hunt and Behavior Tree Research and Play)

SG648As a Scout, I would like to use a BT to improve my AI and be more of a threat to the Valkyrie.
SG649Inspect and research Current Scout AI
SG643As the planet in the game over scene, it should have the same rotation as the Earth in the main menu.
SG647As a game over scene, I would like to respond to a game pad for continue and quit options. -- 2021-09-19 Sunday (Bug Hunt and Touch Controls Disabled)

SG626As an upgrade UI, player resources should not extend beyond the window.
SG628As a mini-diag, I should be hidden when chapter intros are visible.
SG629As a chapter 4 objective, I need to display capturing enemy tech as one.
SG635As a button, I need to display on the main menu and let the player disable touch controls.
SG638Read Behavior Tree document and start a basic class.
SG640Continue button on Wave Summary does not respond to mouse clicks.
SG645As an upgrade ship bay dialog, after restarting the game, Sarah's dialog is triggered even if Ship Bay has been upgraded. -- 2021-07-25 Sunday (Bug Hunt)

SG501As a server, I would like to log actual game starts and other stats to see if people are actually playing my game.
SG545As a mouse, I cannot select a tile to get more info or to upgrade it.
SG551As a game data file, I need to store drone and supply pod data for chapter 9.
SG561As restart event, I need to clear drones, stop music, and reset other things in the game.
SG582Add a donate button to PV's website and ask people to help support it.
SG602As an upgrade UI, I should be loaded with hydroponics instead of nothing when first starting up.
SG605As a player, I should be reminded to repair the NEOS after all the asteroids are gone on chapter 1.
SG607As a supply pod, I am not saved or loaded when the game restarts.
SG608As a player, I cannot deploy a supply pod after the game restarts.
SG611As a player, when I pick up a pre-spawned supply pod. the Ship disappears and the player is dying from lack of oxygen.
SG616As a level, when reload after chapter 1, I should not see mines from the speed run appear in subsequent chapters. -- 2021-07-05 Monday

SG563Wave 1 end level dialog can state NEOS is clear without NEOS being repaired.
SG586On chapter 2 when the game restarts, NEOS did not appear operational when reloaded.
SG590Need a level design for Chapter 4's asteroids. Kind of forgot that. ;-)
SG596As a Kazi, I would like to reduce the amount of time it flies straight when detaching from an asteroid, so it can be more of a threat to the Valkyrie.
SG597Hide tech on uiUpgrades before chapter 4.
SG600As a drone, I should dump my cargo when destroyed by a kazi.
SG604As a Kazi, I should have a chance to detach from an asteroid only when the Valkyrie is in range.
SG606As a bullet group, I should be cleared after the wave ends so bullets don't fly at the start of the new scene. -- 2021-06-28 Monday (Beware Some Spoilers)

SG553As an EMP Mine, I should disappear when the demo is called off.
SG554As an upgrade, I should be able to upgrade the NEOS array only after it being repaired first.
SG566As a game, when the player dies on wave 0, the nav boxes for the speed run demo are not reset.
SG567As a game pad, I cannot select "restart" or "quit" from the game over menu.
SG571As chapter 4, I need intro and random dialogs.
SG573As a player, I should have a dialog when encountering the Kazis attached to an asteroid.
SG574As a Kazi, if I am attached to an asteroid then I should destroy the drone attempting to mine my asteroid.
SG575As a tech drop, I should drop from certain alien crafts.
SG576As chapter 4, I should have collecting the alien tech, and destroying all the asteroids as objectives.
SG577As a Kazi, I should target any drone launched by the Valkyrie to prevent the asteroids from being destroyed.
SG578As an upgrade UI, show how much tech has been collected.
SG580As a Hex Kazi, I would to be loaded in the JSON file.
SG581As a Hex Scout, I would to be loaded in the JSON file.
SG583As a tech debris, I should drift to a stop like iron and gold ores do.
SG587As a Kazi, during my first encounter with the Valkyrie I must drop tech to continue the story. After that, I can use chance.
SG588As an intro dialog, I repeat myself when the game is restarting.
SG589As a kazi, play this sound when flying.
SG591Add Chapter 5, to chapter intro JSON.
SG592No randDialog() when fighting aliens.
SG593As a game level, expand endCondition in JSON to have functions to check if aliens exist, player has cargo, or a certain objective has been completed. Kind of like functions. (Basic Work)
SG595Update endConditions for previous levels. -- 2021-05-30 Sunday

SG358As a player, when I start the next wave my ship should be pointing up and not moving away from the station (drag).
SG527As a shot, when hitting larger asteroids the deflection should be a lot less for level 10 asteroids.
SG529As the Valkyrie, should give the player an audio cue that fuel is running low.
SG541As a supply pod, I would like to hold an EMP mine and resupply the Valkyrie in field.
SG542As a UI Bar, I don't show my true value (100%) at the start of the next level.
SG546As a NEOS, when the game restarts the NEOS isn't reset to static. At the time of this ticket, stayed yellow and pointed in a direction.
SG548As the asteroids, I don't think things are loaded properly when restarting especially in chapter 3.
SG549As a game over scene, center the buttons based on the browser window's size.
SG550As an intro/main menu scene, stop playing the intro song when the game starts.
SG555As an upgrade UI, I display text for tech that is currently hidden.
SG556As a supply pod upgrade, I do not update the station object to allow supply drones to be launched.
SG557As an Upgrade UI, I do not work properly when other tiles are hidden. Need to display hidden tiles as the game progresses.
SG558Last group of Asteroids with the massive one is not fair. Slow it down. So it doesn't hit the station.
SG559Repairing the neos has to turn on the neos tile.
SG564After the last Asteroid is cleared and the NEOS is offline. Dialog should say repair the NEOS so we can see if there's any more out there. -- 2021-05-16 Sunday

SG165Need to set a point when level 2 dialogs begin. After Wave 2 when Jack asks Sarah for a drink.
SG492Work on dialog, story intro, and level design for chapter 3.
SG511As an intro dialog, I cannot be dismissed with gamepad Y.
SG515As a user, when I click on the PV logo another intro music starts playing and doesn't stop when the game starts.
SG516As a space station, I would like to start from the same position at the start of each wave.
SG517As a gamepad, sometimes switching between digital and d-pad input doesn't work until digital stick is moved.
SG518 As an editor, add new asteroid sizes (7 to 10) to the editor.
SG519 As Hardinger, toughen up his dialog about debris hitting the Earth. It sounds way out of character.
SG520 As a star field, I should not duplicate when restarting.
SG521 As an upgrade dialog, I don't see the costs or text of selected tiles once I restart the game.
SG522 As an editor, I want to delete all asteroids in one click.
SG523 As a function, I need one that normalizes a list of asteroids to the closest one.
SG524 As a function, I need a function that positions asteroids in a JSON variable to a certain x and y pos. Maybe direction and speed too.
SG525 As a JSON function, I want to updates names and other things in a JSON file.
SG534 Chapter 1 and 2 game data revisions.
SG536 As level 2, fix group C's direction.
SG537 As a chapter intro, add chapter 4 dark realizations to the game.
SG538 As a fuel supply pod, increase the amount of fuel I give to the Valkyrie when picked up.
SG539 As a supply pod, I should not be destroyed if the Valkyrie is already full of what I'm carrying.
SG543 As a chapter intro, gamepad.y can dismiss the dialog too quickly. Might need coolDown() back.
SG544 Problem with Chapter Intro and keyboard controls. Keeps looping it. -- 2021-04-24 Saturday

SG463Need to restrict certain upgrades to certain chapters of the story.
SG473Maybe prevent the level from ending event if player does not repair the NEOS. Since it affects chapter 2.
SG477As a keyboard player in the upgrade UI, I would like to use the space bar to select tiles for upgrading.
SG483As an asteroid spawn, when an asteroid is broken up give the new smaller asteroids "son of nickname" or maybe just nickname1
SG486As a player (on prod FireFox/IE), I don't see the starfield and moving around is very weird without it.
SG487As a Intro UI, I want to be centered on the screen using the size of the window.
SG488As a Upgrade UI, I want to be centered on the screen using the size of the window.
SG490As a chapter summary UI, I want to be centered on the screen using the size of the window.
SG491As a player, when the commander tells the player to shoot the debris, weapons should be unlocked even if the player hasn't done any of the demo yet.
SG493As a game, add a 7th level Asteroid and maybe an 8th, the biggest in the game yet for chapter 3.
SG494As a website, setup Google Analytics again.
SG495Update help that player can use space bar, u, and enter to work with upgrade dialog.
SG496As a sound plugin, I would like fade out/in to work properly.
SG497As a game, I don't want to play music at the wrong time.
SG499As a gameScene, I should not start moving before the game actually starts.
SG500As an end-of-level process, Jack is told to return to the station but there are other threats and then the level finishes without returning to the station.
SG502As a pause sprite, I want to be centered on the screen.
SG503As a keyboard player, I would like to hold down the space bar to fire repeatedly.
SG504As a drone, I can only attach to asteroids of a certain size.
SG505As a selectTile, I should be fired when the Upgrade dialog is not visible.
SG506As a game, I should not see two chapter intros. When changing the wave > 0.
SG507As a random dialog, I should show dialogs appropriate to the game's wave.
SG508Compare master to sprint and see if I am causing problems.
SG509Stability issues with next wave cycle.

0.7.0 -- 2021-03-30 Tuesday

SG394As a chapter intro button, I should be disabled until I am able to be clicked on?
SG418As a game, have a PV loading scene that waits until music and other assets are loaded.
SG429As a debris ending dialog, I should not congrat the player if the last piece of debris hits the Earth and is not destroyed by the player.
SG436Maybe make the music fade out instead of just stopping when all the asteroids are gone.
SG444As a NEOS Upgrade, maybe tint the asteroids that are going to hit Earth in red, the rest with no tint.
SG453As a drone, I need the Valkyrie to see the asteroid before deploying.
SG454As a drone, I need the Valkyrie to see the NEOS station before deploying to repair it.
SG455As a game, I would like the controls and other UI elements to position themselves to the size of the screen mobile or PC.
SG457As a webpage, add a text box for touch devices that PV is not a mobile game and it is best played on a computer with an xbox gamepad or keyboard.
SG460As a game, all my text assets are messed up.
SG461As a player, when I click too quickly on the intro to chapter one the window doesn't close properly.
SG462Transition to BrowserSync instead of NPM http server.
SG465Work on dialog, story intro, and level design for chapter 2. Seems a little too big. Break this down.
SG466Work on Story. However I want.
SG474As a game, I want to move the chapter intros into it's own branch called sceneSets to keep the chapters together.
SG476As a player, when I dismiss the chapter two intro, I should not lose the first dialog.
SG478Tweak editor so asteroids can be placed where I click the mouse.
SG479As an editor, I would like to take a snapshot of level data and then be able to reload it. So I can make adjustments to the asteroids and see them reflected in the game.
SG482As a game, I should not play two of the same songs when running the intro.
SG484As a level ending procedure, I tell the player to return to the station despite other threats being around.

0.6.6 -- 2021-03-13 Saturday

SG394As a chapter intro button, I should be disabled until I am able to be clicked on?
SG418As a game, have a PV loading scene that waits until music and other assets are loaded.
SG429As a debris ending dialog, I should not congrat the player if the last piece of debris hits the Earth and is not destroyed by the player.
SG436Maybe make the music fade out instead of just stopping when all the asteroids are gone.
SG444As a NEOS Upgrade, maybe tint the asteroids that are going to hit Earth in red, the rest with no tint.
SG453As a drone, I need the Valkyrie to see the asteroid before deploying.
SG454As a drone, I need the Valkyrie to see the NEOS station before deploying to repair it.
SG455As a game, I would like the controls and other UI elements to position themselves to the size of the screen mobile or PC.
SG457As a webpage, add a text box for touch devices that PV is not a mobile game and it is best played on a computer with an xbox gamepad or keyboard.
SG460As a game, all my text assets are messed up.

0.6.5 -- 2021-02-28 Sunday

SG386As a developer, remove useless console.log from the code.
SG399As a game, what do I need to do to make it play on mobile? Mobile joystick?
SG433As a game, dramatic music should not play when the game over scene is being displayed.
SG434As an upgrade progress bar, I should display when the game has been restarted (player death).
SG437As a player, I cannot select a menu option with a gamepad.
SG439On restart, need to clear checkmarks.
SG442As a miniDiag, I want to dismiss dialogs after five rows. To avoid crowding up the screen.
SG445As a level, I should display a mini-dialog that tells the player to return to the station.
SG446As a ship, I want to be controlled proportionate to the force/direction of a digital or virtual stick.
SG447As a ship, I would be proportionally controlled by the digital stick on a gamepad.
SG448As a vagrant instance, I want to share PV with my developer's iPhone, iPad, etc.
SG449As a player on a touch device, I would like to touch buttons on the screen (my only input device).
SG450As a player, I should be able to touch any part of the dialog box to dismiss it. So I don't have to be pixel precise hitting the [X] and enjoy playing the game more.
SG451As a player, I would to press enter to dismiss dialogs.
SG452As a game, I would like to see the intro splash screens and main menu before game start.
SG456As an upgradeUI, I cannot start an upgrade with a game pad after restarting.
SG458As an asteroid group, I am duplicating for some reason.

0.6.4 -- 2021-02-14 Sunday (Part 2)

SG158As a level designer, change the initial dialog so it is not so wordy and matches the chapter introduction text.
SG406As a game, when I restart. I should not see double Earth and Speed demo navpointers!
SG413As a web server, I should display text in the fonts I uploaded.
SG414As a game, when the asteroid threat is clear the music should stop.
SG416click to bypass intro and splash screens.
SG421Maybe supply pods can be jettisoned out of the station upon request. Just to give the player something. Limit the amount of boxes out at a time.
SG422As an upgrade UI, I can let the player go below zero for ores.
SG427As a level, I want certain asteroids to have a d100 chance of showing up to add some variety to replays. To lengthen or shorten some parts of the demo and add some surprises.
SG435As a speed gate, I should be flipped so the arrow faces to the right.
SG438As a right handed player, I would like to control the Valkyrie with the keyboard.
SG440think drone supply pods should be a lot faster of an upgrade.

0.6.4 -- 2021-02-08 Monday

I didn't totally get how web fonts were loaded onto a web page or even inside a Phaser game. So I followed a tutorial from Pagecloud which lead me to Font Squirrel. So happy to report Cairo is in all the right places.

I let a game stopper bug go through, so had to double back and fix that. Also tried to tweak the drone mining function a bit, so the game isn't so stingy. As the game develops, I might need to tweak all this again.

0.6.3 -- 2021-02-07 Sunday

I originally estimated about an hour of work, but the problem was much deeper than that with duplicating events, stats, load outs, and a host of other problems surfaced as I dug deeper into this. Every time the game restarted...well it was a mess. Took about nine hours to iron out everything.

SG406As a game, when I restart. I should not see double Earth and Speed demo navpointers!

0.6.2 -- 2021-01-29 Friday

Took longer than I expected (15 hours) to revise all the upgrade text and try to balance out ore, gold, and time requirements. A couple of problems with drones has been resolved too. Also revised the tech tree under the game manual and made some slight changes to tech requirements for mining.

0.6.1 -- 2021-01-20 Wednesday

Commented out a music file that isn't used in the game yet to save bandwidth. Also fixed the main page's link to start game.

0.6.0 -- 2021-01-18 Monday

Combined the intro and game into one file also added a waiting step to make sure certain parts of the game are loaded before starting.

0.5.2 -- 2021-01-16 Saturday

Some minor level improvements and the following cards have been published today.

SG405Removed test code that allowed the player to get 500 gold and ore from colliding with an EMP mine.
SG407Removed test supply pods that were on the right side of Earth.