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Maps and Mods September 2, 2000
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File Planet

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Pooterman's Descent Archive

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File Planet

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File Planet
Pooterman's Descent Archive

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Recently Maps and Mods Sites

File Planet, part of the gamespy network, is more than just mods and maps; they have the latest demos, patches, game movies and screenshots. Itís a wonderful plethora of files. Also for each major game like Half-Life, Quake 2, Rogue Spear, Team Fortress, Unreal, Unreal Tournament File Planet breaks out essential files (patches), levels, missions, mods, skins, utilities, and weapons.

Each file has a breakout of title, author, description, size, download time, date, and number of downloads, but thatís it. No description, rating, user comments, or review of the file. I wonít hold it against them not with all the files available here. The search engine captures pretty much everything for a topic. This is the first place to look for any game files! (4/29/00)

Maps and Mods Sites

Saturday morning I wanted to play some Descent and the only maps people were playing on Kali was a map named Minvera. I've seen this map a lot and been barred from it for a long time, then I came across this site, and I don't think I'll suffer from not having a map for Descent again.

Simple FTP interface with all the maps and readmes listed. Just drop them into your Descent directory and you're ready to play. If you can afford it, you can download the entire archive in 24/61 MB for Descent I and II. (7/18/99)

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