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Web Games September 1, 2003
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Recently Web Games Sites

When I look for games it doesn't matter how the website is presented as long as the games are good. Miniclip has a good presentation and great games. I played Blackjack and it was better than most shareware out there. The games that I checked out were well done and fun. So a great site to visit during a lunch break. (9/1/03)

Web Games Sites

Arcade Pod has a lot of games and links to other free game sites. I played Capcom's Street Fighter vs. X-Men, a Tetris clone, and some games on a Gameboy emulator. Some of the sites they link to require accounts and there's some multiplayer games. Everything is assigned to a category and they have screenshots and what format the game is in: Flash, Java, Shockwave.

They also have a search engine and a My Arcade Pod, personalized favorites section, for people who login with a password. Nice job and an excellent resource. (1/17/02)

The site totes two games. Soccer and Laser Assault, both of which didn't seem too much fun. The Laser Assault has some robots and a shooter. The shooter has to time his attacks against some pretty weak AI. It's a timing game, so once the robot fires at a block you need to take him out.

The Soccer game reminded me of the Atari 2600, yes I'm dating myself, and I didn't understand how to play so well. I went back for another try and didn't find that much fun. So not a bad stab at a game site, but the games need work. (7/7/02)

Someone from work gave me this site a long time ago, thanks Nikki, and I finally got around to reviewing it. I played some of the games. One was a missile command clone with some pretty bad collision detection routines and I racing game called Hyper jet or something. The racing game was pretty good.

Clevermedia also has multiplayer games in their Gamespark section. The games are setup on a table basis, so the host sits at a table and waits for a player to join in--like Microsoft's Zone. A lot of the games are Flash or Shockwave driven so make sure you download the latest version from Macromedia before playing. (1/15/02)

Has some games from a amatuer game developer. One web based game (point and shoot) and others you need to download. I downloaded Tank Wars and it has it's game play problems. I downloaded Scrabble for two players at one computer and it allowed mispelled words. Lastly, I downloaded Arena, a FPS game, and it didn't work.

So the games need some work, but a good try. I'm sure future versions will be better. (4/12/03)

Microsoft Network Gaming Zone is a pretty comprehensive site devoted to gaming. Featuring free single and multiplayer games playable through a web browser, retail zones for most of the current games today, and a zone for IPX and TCP/IP for games not directly supported. It’s free, except for the premium game zones for Allegiance and Asheron’s Call.

The features keep on going with links to other MSN services like Hotmail, Shopping, and Money. Each game is hosted on a separate room with different levels of play from regular to ladder to tournament games. Each game has a lobby where you can chat before and during a game. The Zone also provides a buddy instant messenger whenever you log into the zone. Tech support is provided by chat rooms in a first come first serve basis and Microsoft’s searchable Knowledge base.

Some of the free games you’ll have to download like Ants, which is a multiplayer strategy game where you most guide your ants to gather food from the map and other players. The Zone’s great for some multiplayer gaming during lunch or whenever you want to play checkers and other games with people. (5/6/00)

An online arcade website with Java and Flash games. The selection of thirteen games doesn’t rival the Zone or Game spy Arcade, but I found two games kind of entertaining. War Zone, a Battle Zone clone, and Tail Gunner, which lets you fire at smooth flying 3D planes before they ram your ship. I can pass on the Zombie Football though. (2/11/01)

Sess.Net has some pretty good games like Cutie Quake, Atari's Centipede, and Santa Fighter. Santa Fighter wasn't the best fighter, but just doing a bunch of cheap combos was pretty entertaining for a bit.

Nice site with a list of games broken out by category. When you click on a game you get a small thumbnail and description. No search engine, but not really necessary. (7/4/02)

TechRadian has some fair games. I say fair because most sites have games that aren't that fun to play since something happens either too fast or there is something wrong with the game.

The pinball needs some work because the flippers weren't responsive enough. I found Shootout II, Spec Ops II, and the puzzel games to be fun. They have some good games and is worth checking out. (7/7/02)

X-pressive has an very nice looking graphical website and their games reflect it. They don't have as many games as other sites, but they are of high quality. I played a great game of Tetris with good music, special features, and nice graphics. I had a strange feeling of satisfaction and delight killing Teletubbies with a chain saw, pistol, and a sniper rifle. There's an asteroids clone with special weapons and other power ups and a quick paced shooting game called Mars Massacre.

The website lets you choose the colors, special effects, cursors, and mouse effects. They even offer source code for their games. They definitely trade quality for quantity and are worth a visit. (1/15/02)

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