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Shareware Installment March 7, 2004
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Over Three Years of PAD!
It's been over three years now, three long years after finding out what P.A.D stood for Portable Application Description. Since then it's been hard if not impossible to find a shareware site that doesn't take advantage of it. It's a great idea and leads to a lot of downloads with very little work.

I've always had problems with it. Basically it puts too much control in the author's hands. They can talk up their software and cookie cut it across a bunch of sites. Most sites seem to have shifted from providing information to just hoarding links. I have 50,000 downloads come to my site. It also leads to sites looking the same. How many different and useful ways can the information be presented? So I feel we've lost something that can make our sites unique...our opinion. (3/7/04)

Two More Sites
Been trying to stay connected and a least dedicate some time to ID. Great that site owners send me their sites. I eventually get to them. I added two more today both are PAD enabled, but they both offer good ways to search. (11/15/03)

Two New Sites
I've been away for a while from this page. I started a Racquetball page, so a lot of my time has been spent bringing that site up to speed. It's good to work on a new project, I love how everything gets fired up and forces me to keep refining until it looks good...For now. (1/19/03)

Shareware Updated
I've completed my tasks for my DirectX program for now, so I took a break and added two shareware sites. It has been a few months so I went through and cleaned house a bit. A few sites have been marked for removal. (7/4/02)

Developer Section Open
Well it's supposed to be a stream of hot metal falling into a mold of a floppy disk. Sometimes I feel the need to explain my icons since I know they're just ok looking.

Always wanted a section for developer resources from code to marketing shareware and this new section will provide links to just that. I opened it this morning so it only has one review. It's hard to think and treat today as regular day though. (1/11/02)

Cleaning up the Sites
I haven't gone through the sites in a while, so while making sure they all worked and pointed to where they are supposed to go. I found one site that had adult links and I dropped it. (12/20/01)

Darkest Day for Shareware Moved
I liked my short piece on PAD enabled sites and how reviews for a particular product are the same across multiple sites. So I moved it to it's own sidebar because it was taking up too much space here and I need the room for new material. (11/14/01)

New Shareware Sites
I added three new shareware sites. Two are actually for non-profit institutions. I have been working on Site DB and just when I though it was done. I had en error while posting today. I have also been doing some Direct X stuff, so time for ID has been limited. (7/21/01)

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