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Games & Shareware News January 18, 2002
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Say it ain't so Digital Extremes
PC Gamer's February 2002 issue had a preview of Unreal Tournament 2. Oh I immediately read it and to my horror they said Digital Extremes is not going to include an assault mode! Why?! Assault made Unreal Tournament stand out and made it a lot of fun. Now's it just going to be another capture the stupid flag and death (over and over) match game. There's hope in a couple of years once Unreal Warfare comes out, but what disappointing news. (1/18/02)

Aliens vs. Predator 2 Demo in 18 Days?!
You need to check out just to read a quote from Hudson (Aliens 2) about the AVP2 demo, it had me rolling on the floor. They also have details about what's in and out of the game. I'm very disappointed that there's going to be no co-op or bots. They also have an unofficial FAQ. You can also go to Sierra's Official AVP2 Homepage, but it has nothing and will point you back to 8/5/01

Tribes 2 Gold!
I just checked out Sierra Studio's web page to see that Tribes went Gold this morning. I have been waiting and waiting for this game. Supposed to come out the first week in April. 3/22/01

News Sites Added
If people relied on me for important news about games and shareware we'll be back in the days of the telegraph. Understanding my limitations, I've added sites that just report news on games and shareware. The first one, Quarter to Three, my friend Tom told me about. 12/29/00

Quake III Team Arena Released
I saw this in a computer store a few days ago, looked at it, and put it right back on the self. I read a review from Quarter to three and I agree paying $30 for what looks like a mod is absurd. Bet the bots still cheat too! (12/29/00)

Diablo II Expansion Pack
On September 2nd, Blizzard announced on their web page about an Official Diablo II expansion pack. The pack includes two new classes (Assassin and Druid), weapons, skills, monsters, increased stash size, more interactive environments, and one new Act in the Barbarian Highlands. (9/4/00)

Recently News Sites

Gaming Age has news on all the platforms even the ill-fated Dreamcast, which is mostly Sega news. They have short previews and screenshots of upcoming titles and have reviews on the short side, screenshots of upcoming games, but no ratings for graphics, gameplay, sound, etc.

Has a forum to post stuff, but no search engine, and no release dates. It's a fan developed website so I expect them to be more honest and not sugar coat bad games. (1/18/02)

News Sites

Adventure Gamer is part of the Underground Online and offers pure adventure game news, previews, reviews, guides, and release dates. The reviews are brutally honest with screenshots and system requirements. They have a download section with classic and current demos, freeware, shareware and patches for adventure games.

They also have forums for adventure game discussion and other topics and a basic search engine. Thereís a lot to read here, so if youíre looking for an adventure game odds you can find it here or even one you may not have heard of through mainstream channels. (2/4/01)

This site has everything from toys to movie rumors to mods for Aliens vs. Predator. Just reading through the news section gives you an update on the whole site. What I like best is the navigation along the sides, which breaks up the site into the various discussion boards, Aliens vs. Predator Gold, Alien Resurrection, AvP Retro, and a section on maps and mods.

AVP News also has links to all the map packs that Fox Interactive has released for AvP, two maps a month. AvP is a great game and this is a great source of information for it. (12/29/00)

Quarter to Three is about games that make you stay up that late playing them. My friend Tom, who used to help me write stuff for ID, recommended I give it a look. Itís a good site with short sixty-second reviews and super long reviews on games in their Early Hours section.

They also have feature articles and columns. One of the columns is about their own LAN party. Reviews have a good number of screen shots, system requirements, and release dates.

They have efficient navigation across the top and along the right side starting with a news section. Iíll say the best part of coming to this site is just reading what they have to say about games. (12/29/00)

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