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Developer Resources July 7, 2002
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Recent Developer Sites
Steve's Shareware and Freeware
The JavaScript Source

Top 5 Non-Commercial Developer Sites
Software Marketing Resource
Java Kings Quest
Steve's Shareware and Freeware

Top 5 Commercial Developer Sites
The JavaScript Source
Free VB Code

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Free VB Code
Java Kings Quest
Software Marketing Resource
Steve's Shareware and Freeware
The JavaScript Source

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Developer Resources Opened
Well this section completes the shareware portion of Intervue Digest. Just because it's in this section doesn't mean it's only for shareware developers. As programmers our paths cross and what we develop has a wide base of applications. (1/11/02)

Recently Developer Sites

Steve's website offers a listing and source of different weather and other various calculators. So if you're looking to calculate a heat index, he has a calculator for it. He also has one for Wind Chill. Besides the free JavaScript, He also has some shareware to sell, which has a screenshot and download information. (4/12/03)

The JavaScript source is a repository of a code snippets that help you do things from encryption to pop-ups. They break out the code into sections and provide a short summary for each submission to that category.

Once you find the code you're looking for, they present the working JavaScript so you can take it for a test drive. If it's what you're looking for select all, copy, and paste it into your webpage. You can also have them send it to you by email.

JavaScript Source also has a newsletter, navigation to show you the top ten newest scripts or other sections, and a basic search engine. (4/12/03)

Developer Sites

I came across this site by accident and have been using it ever since. From code for editing the registry, to encryption/decryption routines for strings. Once you found the code it's basically a copy and paste into your existing project. They have a good search feature for finding the code by keyword or category.

I used to be one of those programmers that would never accept another person's code and write my own, but at work I don't have the time to develop and test code. Also just because it's here doesn't mean it's better or worse than our own code, but you can see how many times the code has been viewed and review the code before you use it. (1/13/02)

Basically a group of people working on a King's Quest type game for Java. It has some code samples and other advice on Java Graphics.

Lastly it has a download of the editor and game so far, so people can contribute or learn from the code. There's no applet program yet, but looks like an interesting project. (7/7/02)

When I first saw this site, I needed to put it somewhere for developers to get at. It has a great deal of links for each step of the process from CD burning to demo and development tools to marketing and online promotions, even translating software for different markets.

Software Marketing Resource has everything categorized by what you’ll need. All the links from CD replication are in one section. Each listing consists of a site name, link, and a short line about the product. There’s no search engine, but the sites content lends itself to scanning a list to find what you need. (1/11/02)

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